Ukraine — 2022

H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction


The Probable Turning Point of Western Civilization

In recent centuries, Europe lived the intense experiments in “isms”. Feudalism, fascism, communism, socialism, capitalism — a turbulent often bloody search for a manageable societal organizing system. The result is a failing confluence that morphed into our current system that is globally conflicted, extractive, techno-industrial, capitalist-consumerist, military-industrial complex — an unsustainable socio-econo-political contraption.

This dominant human system is producing climate changing mountains, rivers and oceans of none-biodegradable and toxic waste depleting Earth’s life-support capacity. Making matters worse, the three nuclear-armed super power are in mortal conflict over the diminishing resources. “The collapse of civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon” — Sir David Attenborough.

Democracy is an ancient Greek invention that hasn’t had an update in recent times. It is unable to keep up with the rising social, economic and environmental complexities of 21st century life on our damaged and exhausted planet. Democracy, our seemingly successful societal organizing system is failing.

When democracy fails, the remaining choices will be fascism, authoritarianism or gangster-ism. Is this the best we, the greatest problem-solvers in the known universe with countless brilliant minds credentialed by higher educational institutions can do?

If we are to survive and thrive, humanity must do better! It is high time for “civilization” to make a sharp turn away from business as usual and urgently begin searching for solutions outside that stifling and bloody old “box”. 

The Holigent Initiative is proposing to mimic and comply with nature’s success formula that evolution has perfected for billions of years. Compliant societal reconstruction would experiment with rearranging the ways we live, work, commute, produce, consume, educate and govern ourselves in the interest of creating social, economic and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability.

When the storm settles the rainbow may rise over Ukraine and project a ray of hope. Ukraine is destroyed, it has no choice but to reconstruct. The Holigent Initiative proposes not to build back the old — it has no future. Plant the seed of a new civilization and nurture it to grow.

Reconstruct on a new philosophical foundation. Examine 21st century life because “The unexamined life is not worth living” — Socrates 5th century BCE. Examine life with a new mindset because “A problem cannot be solved with the same mindset that created it” — Albert Einstein paraphrased. A wise choice is to comply with natures building and sustainability code — build a new bridge to the future of universal quality of life, global peace and systemic sustainability.

My nearly 50-year of searching to find solutions to humanity’s giant puzzle has recently yielded promising results. I have collected those thoughts in my latest writing, The Holigent Peace and Sustainability Initiative. It is your Action Guide to build a better bridge to a peaceful and sustainable future, available freely as The Holigent Initiative pdf, bellow.

Currently we are laying the foundation of a Holigent Community in Budapest, Hungary. When the community is developed we will invite Ukrainians to join and learn the philosophy, science and skills of Holigent societal reconstruction; when the war is over we will transplant the community into Ukraine and help it to grow.

Please donate generously to Holigent.Org so we can assist the Ukrainians to build a new civilizational experiment. When the experiment is successful we will plant the seed of it and nurture it to grow across Europe and beyond.

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