Holigent Bridge Builder

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H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction

Hello Bridge Builder to our Sustainable Future: 

My name is A Nicholas Frank. I welcome you to this page that can become the gateway to a new chapter in your life, filled with new hopefulness, meaning and purpose. Here, you can prepare to make your first giant step to become a Holigent Bridge Builder to a future of universal quality of life in peaceful systemic sustainability. 

First, let’s have some straight talk. Once again, I am sorry to say that my generation, “the grownups,” are leaving you The Uninhabitable Earth (by David Wallace-Wells); a world unfit to live in. The harsh reality is that protest will get you nowhere because it is outside the skillsets of politicians to build a peaceful and sustainable world. If you want to have a future on our beautiful and only habitable planet in the known universe, you have to build it yourselves. 

Here is why no one else can build a future of universal quality of life and peaceful systemic sustainability. Politicians can’t do it because their focus is on the election cycle, while the challenge requires focus on generational cycles. The main challenge in the generational cycles involves reforming capitalism, and that is over the heads of politicians. Educators can’t do it ether because their focus is on turning out “captains and crew” for sailing the ship of capitalism. You already know that capitalist-consumerism is heating the planet, changing the climate and killing the environment.

If you have a critical question about educators in universities ask this: Why is it that the greatest problem solver in the known universe with countless brilliant minds credentialed by higher educational institutions is unable to answer humanities existential challenge: Creating universal quality of life and peaceful systemic sustainability on our eminently habitable planet Earth?

Why reform our existing economic system? Capitalism is all about production and consumption. Capitalist production-consumerism is spewing out climate-changing mountains, rivers and oceans of non-biodegradable and toxic waste depleting Earth’s life-support capacity. You have no future in that world; sixteen-year-old Grata Thunberg knows that, and ninety-four-year-wise Sir David Attenborough knows that among countless scientists and others.

“Grownups” are set in their old ways they can’t do this. You can! Here is how: Learn about the Holigent (holistic-emergent) concept mimicking evolutionary self-organization, a knowhow that nature perfected over billons of years. Nature’s building and sustainability “code” is the only tried and tested sustainable self-organizing concept in the known universe. The essence of which is Mother Nature’s frugality, in a sentence: Do the essential most using the least of resources without waste.

Understand that old habits die-hard, and it is not likely that any time soon, humans will grow body hair to give up clothing and go back to hunting and gathering to eat cold raw food. It will be a long haul for us to successfully mimic nature’s building and sustainability code. You can best learn and practice that in a Holigent House.

Why live, work and learn in a Holigent House? Soil is the home in which the seeds of nature grow. The seeds of holigent spirit also need homes where they can be nurtured and grow into a life skill for building a resilient future.

Your first step in becoming a pioneering builder of a peaceful and sustainable world starts with becoming a resident living and working in Holigent Houses, learning the skills of building a better bridge to that new world.

We will be opening Holigent Houses in central Europe, most likely in lively and beautiful Budapest, Hungary, where the cost of living is considerably lower than in Western Europe. If COVID-19 permits we will start opening in the second half of 2021. However, we are taking reservations now. Take a peek at Budapest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZYpHr1wDmY

We welcome students attending one of the local universities, full-time local or online workers, self-employed workers and people of all ages, wanting to be part of the pioneering societal reconstruction experiment for building a peaceful and sustainable world. Your time investment in the Holigent Project may range from a few hours per week to full time for which you accumulate community credit. When sufficient grants and donations arrive for the Holigent Community to purchase and own its facilities, community credits may be applied toward significant fee/rent reduction. 

Email an application about yourself, explaining why you want to be engaged with the Holigent Initiative and how much of your time you are willing to invest in the project. Please attach your CV and indicate your choice of accommodation and duration.

Send to transform(at)holigent(dot)org 

Your fee contribution to the Holigent Project will include accommodation. The monthly fee for one person will range according to the type of the chosen accommodation outlined in the following.

Shared rooms  Per month

4 bed in a room 39,000 HUF

3 bed in a rom 55,000 HUF

2 bed in a room 75,000 HUF 

1 bed in a room 99,000 – 150,000 HUF