Better Bridge Builder

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H O L I G E N T Societal Reconstruction

Build a Better Bridge to Universal Quality of Life in

Peaceful and Sustainable Future

Where ever you live, form a group of 3 or more individuals. Reproduce the yellow jacket or sign boards and perform Instructive Demonstrations in public places.

• Prepare for the Road Trip across Europe to deliver hard copies of the Holigent Peace and Sustainability Initiative to the European Union in Brussels.

• Be part of the team building a Holigent Village to demonstrate community retrofit/reconstruction compliant with nature’s building and sustainability code.

• Be part of the pioneering teem building the Holigent Global Village — a permanent world exhibition — demonstrating societal reconstruction building a future of social, economic and environmental justice, quality and systemic sustainability.

Become a pioneering builder of a peaceful and sustainable world; become a resident living and working in Holigent Houses learning the skills of building a better bridge to that new world.

We will be opening Holigent Houses in central Europe, most likely in lively and beautiful Budapest, Hungary where the cost of living is considerably lower than in Western Europe. Covid-19 permitting we will start opening in the second half of 2022. However, we are taking applications now, send essay about yourself to:     transform(at)holigent(dot)org. 

Take a peek at Budapest: v=dZYpHr1wDmY    

Protestors and Solutioneers Unite!

For your


print the bridge on a yellow jacket and wear it

or on a board and carry it.

Building a Better Bridge

                    to our future